Mária Lazárová – Slovak writer

Mária Lazárová is a Slovak published author of nine novels and four books for children, which met with great success among the kids. 

Each of her books for children is full of nice characters, dialogues, poems, and jokes. The Slovak originals are enriched with beautiful illustrations. Mária Lazárová lives in Bratislava – the Capital of Slovakia and is a mother of two children.



„The Most Beautiful Book of Slovakia 2014“ – the book Ema a ružová veľryba ( Emma and The Pink Whale) received this renowned award from the Ministry of Culture. 


The story follows a little blond girl, who lives on the seashore with her mom, dad and Rick – a tomcat, dreaming her big dream about friendship perhaps even with a little whale. After all, talking to animals can be so wonderful. But in order to hear them, help them or save them, we need to learn to have an open heart. 

The book was published by the most famous Slovak publisher – Slovart.



The Most Beautiful Book of Autumn 2015“ – awarded for the book Adam a čarovná šmykľavka (Adam and The Magic Slide)


Adam is a boy with a very rich imagination. One day, he meets an invisible bird named Chirpy. The boy and the little bird become instant friends. Chirpy tells Adam the secret of a magic slide, that happens to be Adam´s yard. The slide will help them visit many foreign countries and experience amazing adventures.

The book was published by the most famous Slovak publisher – Slovart in 2015.



The Latest Book Tri mačiatka tety Mily (Three Kittens of Aunty Mily ) – Slovart, 2016

Meet Hercules, Jonas and Lucy – three little kittens living in a
house with their loving aunty Mily. Everything changes one day
when a hawk carries the smallest kitten – Lucy away. Hercules
and Jonas run after them to help her. Along the way, they meet Mr. Carrot, a
big hare and his friend Max, the eagle. Both set out on a journey
to help the two tomcats save their sister and in the process
become their friends. Though the kittens successfully get home
they have to survive many adventures on their way.


This book was translated into English language and awaits its publisher 🙂






In 2017, the most famous publishers from the Czech Republic bought the rights for three of the children’s books in an effort to translate them and release them to their market.




e-mail: (marialazar@gmail.com)

Contact information for publisher in Slovakia:

Foreign Rights Editor
Zuzana Sersenova, phone: +421-2-4920-1845
e-mail: sersenova@slovart.sk

Publisher Address:

SLOVART s.r.o.
Bojnická 10
P. O. Box 70
830 00 Bratislava 3

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